Connection Through Tea - Part 1

May 26, 2021

Connection Through Tea - Part 1

What really matters in life came sharply into focus over the last year. Some people may have relished in the hibernation and near solitude but many of us have sorely missed social contact.  A sense of occasion, entertaining guests or being entertained, the anticipation of an event, a reason to dress up and of course meeting people in real life (IRL). For over a year now most of us have moved incrementally towards a place where we dress in casuals, infrequently leave the house and live a life mediated through our laptop. It didn’t occur overnight, but we have become unwittingly desocialised, meaning – “to remove from a customary social environment”

As restrictions begin to lift, planning even the simplest of things will begin to feel wonderful and inspiring. At Rouge we have decided to host a series of tea parties to reconnect and socialise ourselves. Sharing tea with friends and family can be anywhere from casual to near ritualistic and after so many months of sameness we decided to fully embrace this opportunity for formality. Creating a real sense of occasion we spent time selecting fresh local produce and fine ceramic teaware, concentrating on the Rouge ethos of quality, beauty and connection.

Using specialist organic teas from Rouge’s Avancha range we are pairing our favourite blends with complimentary gourmet food to create conversation, connection and tea. This time we chose Avancha’s Jasmin Silver Needle White Tea and paired this with a bouquet salad for its crisp, sweet flavours. This special white tea is created from carefully handpicked young buds, scented five times with fragrant jasmine flowers and packed with antioxidants and protective nutrients. To ensure a premium brew we made the tea in porcelain teaware from Rouge’s select range of beautiful teapots, crafted by artisanal ceramicists in Jingdezhen, the renowned ceramics capital of China.

Sharing food and tea together is zen and part of our global heritage, it is so simple yet sacred, healing and joyous. Join us in the coming weeks as we explore more specialist tea and food combinations. Create your own tea event and share your experiences with us on Instagram.