Connection Through Tea – Part 2

June 24, 2021

Connection Through Tea – Part 2

Following on from our delicious afternoon tea held at Rouge in May the team gathered together in early June to have a second get together. Once again, we set out to treat ourselves with carefully paired gourmet food, organic Chinese Oolong tea and uninterrupted company. Strangely for everyone in mid-June the weather made a turn for the worse, with that and the announcement of a delay in the government’s roadmap we opted for a comforting and rustic ploughman’s lunch.

Japanese Matt Black Teapot

For this gourmet feast we selected the rich and smoky organic High Mountain Oolong tea from Avantcha. To pair with it we chose European style breads, one was a seeded Dutch rye and another an artisanal French baguette. We added a selection of fine cured meats, piquant cheeses, handmade butter and baby pickles. The strong and full-bodied Oolong tea has a rich, dark flavour that is well-balanced and acts as a natural foil to the strong and oily flavours on our plate. This special organic tea has an initial floral aroma but then matures with a lingering aftertaste that is smoky with hints of tobacco. Avantcha’s teas are carefully selected, and this dark tea has been elegantly produced according to Taiwanese methods.

Traditionally tea ceremonies are about being mindful and present, leaving behind the thinking mind to truly experience the tea itself. It takes time for good tea to brew and time to lovingly prepare a table with special foods and selected Chinese Teawares such as these Japanese Matt Black Teapot and matching cups. At Rouge we have built our relaunch around the Chinese concept of the ‘Tao’  (道). It represents harmony, simplicity, patience and compassion. Simply put; it is the unimpeded flow of the universe. By holding these small get togethers we are able to suspend our overactive minds, feed our souls and have genuine exchanges together.