Connection Through Tea – Part 3

August 14, 2021

Connection Through Tea – Part 3

Summer has finally arrived and the Rouge team gathered together again for a final tea celebration. With the holidays looming and a relaxation in restrictions already in place we jumped at the chance to rejoice, hosting a sweet tea party with delicate treats and specialist Avantcha tea seemed appropriate.

This time around we really felt in the mood to celebrate so we chose an AVANTCHA Organic Hibiscus and White tea for its uplifting and original flavour. This smooth white tea has an oriental touch of hibiscus, peony, star anise, cranberry and orange peel, giving us both a burst of inspiration and a soothing touch. The Pai Mu Tan  (peony flower) used for this blend is harvested only in early spring when the plant produces tight and tiny buds. Hibiscus is renowned for its health benefits, especially lowering blood pressure.

To serve this vibrant looking tea we used a selection of products from Rouge’s teaware range. When brewing specialist teas, glass teaware is an exciting way to work as it allows us to watch the brewing process. Overall, glass, porcelain or cast iron teaware are all ideal tools when preparing blends and we really like using the Avantcha Solo Tea Set.

Tea is of course an important part of many Asian cultures and as such we have invested time in carefully selecting hand crafted teaware products and accessories from artisanal across Japan and China.

When having afternoon tea, dressing the table with fine teaware, specialist cakes and vintage accessories is often half the fun. We used this stunning pink hibiscus brew and watched it transform the hot water through the glass pot. This delicate yet fragrant tea was perfectly matched with the light cakes and treats. A cloud like crumbly polenta cake, dusted with icing sugar, an understated pear and raspberry tart and handmade chocolates, pitted with chopped nuts and dried fruits.

By sharing this experience together we were able to take a break from our busy week and be truly together. Watching this vibrant tea stain the water with plumes of pink, reminded us to be present to the small joys of everyday life. The sweet foods and fragrant tea were a rich reminder for us to enjoy the sweetness of life no matter what challenges we face.