HOME – Find your moment of calm

March 29, 2020

HOME – Find your moment of calm

Creating a place of calm during these times of uncertainty. The ROUGE team are now working from home, and here for you if you need us.  As we all adapt to the change of our home becoming a multifunctional space for working, teaching and for many self isolation – can it still be a place of calm? Here are a few of our team’s top tips for creating a calm and peaceful home.


With more time spent at home this could be your opportunity to declutter. Take some time to tackle that messy wardrobe or piles of mail bogging you down. We recently met Helen from Ministry of Calm when we attended the  Mindful Living Show in Islington. Helen believes amazing changes happen when you declutter and organise. A new energy often emerges from beneath the clutter. Many people feel a surge of power and significant things may start to shift. Let’s face it, we could all do with a positive lift at the moment so a bit of decluttering could really help. Like us Ministry of Calm are based in North London but currently offering a range of online resources and tips to tackle the clutter. We have a range of lovely Furniture to help with your storage needs and bring some extra joy to your home.

The power of plants

The team at ROUGE are a big fan of the power of plants.  If you have visited our Stoke Newington shop or our homes, you’ll know we appreciate the beauty and serenity of greenery. Adding plants to your home, or close to your new home work space can bring colour and a sense of calm. Succulents are so pretty and low-maintenance, and have the added bonus that they help purify the air in your home making you feel focused. A bunch of blooms, or other plants can also help make your home feel happy and calm, by incorporating these natural elements into your space you will hopefully feel an inner calm. Patch Plants have a range of lovely plants available for home delivery, as well as heaps of useful hints and tips for indoor plant care. We recently signed up with Freddie Flowers , it is the veg box for the flower industry, beautiful blooms delivery to the door stops, it seems particularly fitting for a time like this. 


Nothing quite brings clarity and life to a room like a stroke of natural light. A naturally lit room boosts productivity, improves mood, and creates an overall tranquil atmosphere more so than an artificially lit environment. We are all enjoying this welcomed sunshine at the moment even if this is just catching those rays through the window, balcony or garden. Try and open your windows and enjoy the breeze. Add a twinkle of calm with our lovely cast iron fish bell which has a paper tail to catch the breeze to make it ring. It is made in Japan by the famous iron working company Iwachu.


Cosy Calm

We’ve all been getting a sense of calm from quiet, cosy time to help unwind after a busy day.   At a time of of such uncertainty a cosy blanket and quiet cup of tea really is a simple joy. We have a range of lovely cushions and blankets to add comfort to your home. A cosy home equals a calm and happy home in our minds.


Please use the code CALM15 for 15% off all online orders.

COVID UPDATE The light of COVID-19 becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK deliveries are still available as normal, and we are taking all necessary precautions to protect you and our team. We are working with individual customers to meet your delivery needs. If you need help with anything, we are happy to make a private appointment in the shop during this period. Please get in touch if you need any help at lei@rouge-shop.co.uk.

We are thinking of you all and sending love from our home to yours.

Lei and team x