Make Good and Mend

July 20, 2023

Nadien K. Wild clothes Alchemy

Rouge recently caught up with Nadien K. from Wild Clothes Alchemy to talk about creativity, mending and sustainability. Nadine recently delivered two mending workshops at Rouge, leaving us with lots of new skills. So much of her skillset falls in line with the Rouge ethos of quality, craftsmanship, individuality and sustainability.

Nadien’s unique process is about so much more than repairing clothes. She connects people and clothes in creative sewing workshops, and re-works garments from already existing materials to “break the hegemony of sameness”, challenging the system of fast fashion and helping people to work towards a more sustainable wardrobe.

Where did this passion for making, and mending came from?  Nadien explained “I still feel a deep connection to nature and the joy of creating and capturing aesthetics, moments, and emotions. It is the magical sensation of fabrics and textures beneath my fingers imprinted from my childhood days at my grandma's house, the vivid colours of freshly dyed cloths in the souks of Marrakech, the mindfulness moments where I can pay my full attention and devotion to the things I care about”.  

Nadien’s knowledge of mending is underpinned by her professional background and an impressive understanding of fashion technology and environmental issues. “I studied Fashion Design and worked on different projects around sustainable fashion and alternative materials such as fabrics made from banana fibres or pineapple skin. This experimentation allowed me to really understand the materials of my trade and how they impact the environment.” She said.

But what about Nadien’s personal approach to fashion and clothing? She commented “I choose less and if I buy new, I pay attention to the quality of pieces, made from natural fibres, so the aftercare – mending and repairing – is easier, and generally their production is kinder to the planet. Still, the favourite pieces in my wardrobe are charity shop finds and garments that I’ve given character to by transforming or repairing them, these pieces are extra special and valuable

Join Nadien at Rouge this September for two more visible mending workshops and learn to transform the clothes you have into something unique and beautiful.