Vintage Sideboard from Shanxi with Tiger and Peacock Motifs

This vintage sideboard originates from Shanxi Province in Northern China and dates from the 1920s. It features beautifully faded motifs from nature, whereas the sides and top surface are unpainted showing the aged pine from which this piece is made. The left door panel shows a tiger emerging from a forest setting. In China the tiger is traditionally full of life and symbolises the wish and drive to achieve and make progress. The right door has the image of a peacock amongst peony blossoms. The peacock was a symbol of the Ming Dynasty, representing the rank, power, and divinity of the Dynasty. The peony was known as the king of flowers and so is a symbol of royalty and virtue. This is a large statement piece that demands space and space in front of it to open the two wide opening doors.

Dimensions: 192(w) x 48(d) x 93(h) cm

Materials: pine with brass fittings

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Type: Furniture

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