Kyusu Tea Pot – Yogan

Kyusu is the name for this distinctive Japanese Tea Pot. This is the most common form known as a yokode kyūsu, in which a handle protrudes from the side of the pot.
Traditionally this makes it easy to pour for a guest sitting directly in front of you (as you would in a traditional Japanese tatami mat room). The pot has a fine inner mesh to capture tealeaves before they enter the spout. 

This unique kyusu made by Japanese brand Sokoami, is made from a fine clay, moulded to create this light but resilient little pot. The product has been finished to a high standard with a distinctive and tactile gun metal, mat grey colour. 

The teapot measures 17cm across including the handle, 15cm including the spout. It is 8cm high including the lid.

Weigh - 244g

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Type: Teapot

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