Ramen pop up

Sunday 31 January & 6 February 2015
Japanese Abura Soba Pop-Up with Monohon Ramen

Join us for this special pop-up to discover Japanese Abura Soba in a unique setting. 

Hugely popular in Japan but largely unknown here, Abura Soba is a delicious soup-less ramen dish with thicker and chewier noodles. They are served with a sesame based sauce and toppings including slow braised pork, onsen-tamago (very runny poached eggs), finely sliced yaki-nori (toasted seaweed) and menma (marinated bamboo shoots) amongst others. The dish should be vigorously stirred to mix all the flavours just before eating. 

Monohon is an independent pop-up ramen bar in London. Founded by head chef Ian Wheatley who had lived and travelled extensively in Japan, it focuses on ramen and noodle as the main offering. Monohon wants customers to feel as they have stepped onto the back streets of Japan.  

We'll demonstrate how to make the dish and then invite guests to assemble their own bowl choosing their favourite toppings. Just before eating, the dish is stirred vigorously to mix everything together. Imagine the chewy noodles getting coated with the soft egg and sauce, the aromatic menma, tender pork and the crispy shallots - we love it!"

There are two sittings per day:

31 January Sunday 5.30 - 7.00 pm and 7.15 - 8.45 pm
6 February Saturday 6.45 -8.15 pm and 8.30 - 10.00 pm

Tickets are available now at £10 each. To Book please click the link here.

Enjoy a free bowl of edamame with your BYO drink or our tea while you browse the shop for 15 minutes.