Brown Ceramic Cone Incense Holder 02 Wang Xinghua

These special cone incense holders were created by Chinese ceramicist, Wang Xinghau in Jingdezhen, the ceramics capital of China. Using skilled techniques the artist has been able to create a stylish cone incense holder that sits up on a small pedestal. The decorative dome shaped lid features several wavy slits to slowly release the cone's aroma. 

These holders are elegant and simple yet show off their detailed, hand crafted beauty. Ideal gift for incense lovers. 

Ceramic artist, Wang Xinghuas, originally studied at the renowned Jingdezhen Ceramics University in China, majoring in ceramics. He went on to successfully set up his own studio. His approach to design and making is playful and open saying “I use some small objects in daily life to create random textures to give myself some small surprises”

Xinghaus’s creations are small works of art and use the ancient practice of applying what are known as ‘engobes’ to achieve specific decorative effects.

This mug measures 7cm in diameter at its widest and is 1.5m high.

Weight: 120g

We travel to the Jingdezhen region of China, renowned as the ceramics capital of China to meet artists and hand select the best products. 

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