Chinese Calligraphy Spring Festival Couplets & Woodblock Printing Workshop (Year of the Rabbit - 2023 Lunar New Year Special) 21st January 11am-1pm


Create your own Chinese New Year spring festival couplets and woodblock prints to celebrate 2023 Chinese New Year, this fun workshop will be led by Inkjoygraphy.

How to decorate for Chinese New Year in a traditional way? During this 2 hours workshop, you will learn some Chinese calligraphy skills and create red couplets & woodblock prints for Chinese New Year as decoration or gift for your family / friends! May will introduce you to different common Chinese calligraphy fonts and teach you to write the Chinese characters in regular script. After practising some strokes and characters, you will be able to create your own spring festival couplets.

This workshop will take place at Rouge Shop at 158 Stoke Newington High St, London N16 7JL

21st January Saturday 11am-1pm

This workshop is suitable for any level of Chinese calligraphy lovers. You will create a pair of red couplets and 4 woodblock prints during the workshop.

Spring festival couplets, also known as spring couplets or Chinese New Year couplets. They are red colored strips usually with black or golden Calligraphy Chinese characters written on them. Red colored dominated means luck and gold characters show wealth. The couplets vary in content and style, they express people's delight in the festival and wishes for a better life in the coming year. The woodblock prints are used for decoration and the performance of rituals during the Chinese New Year. Spring festival couplets and woodblock prints are the most common and important custom when celebrating Chinese New Year.

All Chinese calligraphy tools will be provided throughout the experience. All you need to do is come with friends to enjoy a relaxing time and immerse yourself in Chinese calligraphy!

Intro of the Chinese calligraphy instructor:
May Chan, aka Inkjoygraphy, is a Chinese calligrapher based in the UK. She has dedicated more than 20 years to writing Chinese calligraphy. She believes that Chinese calligraphy is not just a hobby, but a way of life! Inkjoygraphy was founded as a way to share the cultural and personal significance of the traditional written form. May provides in-person and online workshops / lessons for people to learn calligraphy on a range of materials while also running an Etsy shop offering custom artworks. To find out more about Inkjoygraphy, please visit