Chinese Green Grey Kang Table with Single Drawer

This small Chinese low table originates in the Gansu Province of China and was made in the 1930s. Known as a Kang table, this distinctive style of small table was used on a Kang, a type of raised platform found in the north of China.

It has recently been restored in an artisan workshop in Beijing where it was repainted in this stylish Green Grey colour. This has been rubbed back, revealing areas of the dark undercoat used. The single drawer and solid front structure are framed with an apron and side wings, giving this table a distinctive silhouette. Its solidity makes it an ideal low coffee table or a decorative platform to display larger plants or ornaments. They are also often used as small devotional spaces or alters.  

Dimensions: 86(w) x 50(d) x 38(h) cm

Materials:  Pine and Brass

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