Cast Brass Qilin No 1

The mythical creature the Qilin, appears across East Asian mythology, for example as the Kirin in Japan.

Over the centuries the appearance has varied, but generally with a dragon-like head with a single or multiple antlers. The body is partly scaled, though the shape is that of a deer, horse or even ox with cloven hooves. Like dragons, their appearance is thought to be golden, sometimes jewel-like and even with their bodies shrouded in flames. These varying descriptions meant that they have been associated with giraffes and unicorns.

Despite a fierce appearance, their nature is of a quiet, gentle vegetarian, though they will punish the unjust and wicked. They appear as a sign of the birth of a great and just leader or sage. They are considered to be a symbol of luck, prosperity, success and longevity and also of fertility.

This well modelled representation has been hand-cast in brass using the lost-wax process. It is approximately 11cm wide, 16.5cm deep and 25cm deep. It weighs about 2.4Kg.

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Type: Buddha