Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Fuji

Rouge selected this exquisite Organic Matcha from AVANTCHA for its exotic and flavoursome combination of Japanese Sencha and dried sour cherry pieces.

A mellow tea for enthusiasts and connoisseurs, this premium quality Organic Ceremonial Matcha is exclusively grown and produced at the footsteps of Fuji Mountain, in Shizuoka region of Japan. Grown in shaded plantations, only the top tea tencha leaves are picked by skilled farmers before ground in stone mills to ultra fine powder. This is the highest quality Organic Matcha, used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies, for both usucha – the thin matcha and koicha – the thick matcha.

To keep maximum freshness store matcha in the fridge after opening.

Net Weight: 30g

"AVANTCHA is driven by a desire to marry traditional tea culture with modern sophistication. Through sourcing the highest quality, naturally farmed teas and botanicals and presenting them in unique contemporary packaging, AVANTCHA is modernising the way tea is experienced and understood. AVANTCHA is on a mission for people to rediscover the true taste of tea and explore its emotive meaning beyond a simple refreshment."


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Type: tea