Black Daruma -Protection

Daruma Daruma: I decide on a goal and I paint your first eye. Once l reach this goal, I will paint the other eye.
The red Daruma is the most popular one. He shows the good fortune kanji on the chin and can be used for any kind of goals.

What is it?
Daruma 達磨, also called the Doll of Goals, is a Japanese good luck amulet. Handmade with papier-mâché, it is a representation of the monk Bodhidharma, the founder of zen Buddhism. According to the legend, he was enlightened after meditating alone for 9 years in a cave but his arms and legs eventually became atrophied and fell off. Hence the round shape of Daruma.

What to do?
Decide on a goal and paint the first eye on the Daruma. When you reach your goal, paint the second eye as a sign of gratitude. By way of learning, write down how you fulfilled your aim; at that time, you will feel great satisfaction. If you don’t achieve what you want, you can burn your Daruma doll at the end of the year: it just means that you will try to reach it by other means.

The spirit of daruma
The Daruma doll reminds us that with determination and perseverance, we will achieve the purpose we chose. In that sense, it’s really important for us to choose a specific and feasible one. It is not a matter of buying a Daruma doll and wait for our wish to get fulfilled as if by magic: Daruma motivates us and gives us strength to work hard and do our best in order to be successful. Any occasion is good for the Japanese to make a gift of a doll, although there are some significant dates such as birthdays or the New Year.

Made in: Japan
Technical specifications: 4,5 cm, paper mache


Type: doll