Aojiso Green shiso Seeds

Also known as Green Perilla and Aojiso, the unique flavour adds authenticity to so many Japanese dishes

These vibrant green leaves impart notes of mint, basil, cinnamon and citrus, delivered with a slight tingle on the tongue. It’s not an easy taste to categorise but one that becomes quite addictive once tried. Often used as a garnish for sashimi, especially tuna, shredded in salads or steamed and served hot. So many Japanese and Korean recipes call for this herb that are sure to find a use, even if you devise your own.


  • Sow thinly in trays in a warm spot, out of direct sun
  • Transfer to free draining soil in full after last frost
  • May be own outside in full sun from June.
  • Take care not to over-water – Shiso is prone to plant rot
  • Harvest young leaves and edible flowers.


 Product details:

  • 2g
  • 160 x 110 x 2mm
  • Includes 1200 seeds approx
  • Due to phytosanitary regulations, we regret these are only available for sale in the U.K
  • In Stock - Available to dispatch in the UK, contact us for showroom stock availability

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Type: seeds