Meiko Shibayama Incense - Sandalwood and Herbs

The fragrance of Meiko Shibayama has two basic fragrance notes. One is a woody note: It is based on the fragrant sandalwood, combined by our own original blending methods with traditional medicinal herbs and powdery musk that softly rounds up the fragrance. The other is a floral note of delicate cherry blossoms, one of the most appreciated in Japan. The kind and mild scent of Shibayama talks to your heart deeply. Incense with less smoke.

[Mei] famous [koh] incense [Shiba] lawn [yama] mountain. The aromatic sandalwood and floral fragrance conjure up a beautiful scenery full of light. In old times, there used to be an elegant play called "Shibakurabe" to cherish the beauty of the grass as written in Japanese poems:
"Staring at the green fileds in Unahi, where the horses run free, brings me comfort in my old age." (from Shinsen Rokujo Wakashu by Fujiwara no Tomoe).

Made in: Japan
Number of sticks: 50
Fragrance: Sandalwood and herbal fragrance
Japanese incense roll with no bamboo core.

Type: incense