Vintage Tibetan Wooden Chest with Two Birds

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This vintage Tibetan chest dates from the 1940s. It recently received very light restoration in an artisan workshop in Beijing. 

This joyous and unique piece contains a wealth of original detail, including several original hand-painted panels, and hand-crafted metal spurs surrounding each edge. Beautiful paintwork panels detail a pair of decorative birds a highly prized and spiritual animal in this tradition. The bird totem symbolizes peace and prosperity, fertile harvests, and the good fortune. In addition, it is also a gift from God that takes one beyond the tangible world into religious truth

This special trunk makes a powerful and lively statement piece with bags of internal storage. Decorative artwork is seen on all sides of the trunk, with both ornate scrolling detail and more geometric patterning across the frame. This is ideal as a coffee or side table and equally at home by the end of a bed. 

Dimensions: 90(w) x 52(d) x 46(h) cm

Materials: Pine with metal fittings

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Type: Furniture