Surya Holder for Nepalese Rope Incense

The elegant Surya holder, which means sun in Nepalese, is specially designed for burning rope incense by hanging it from the metal hook. The rope incense is a traditional format from Nepal where it has been used for centuries. To make each rope, a powder of aromatic ingredients is placed on a piece of lokta paper, which is then rolled by hand. You can choose from 3 different scents:
Sandalwood - Meditation and relaxation
Juniper - Purification and regeneration
Patchouli - Energy and creativity

Your little ritual in 5 steps

Choose a quiet moment to dedicate some time to taking care of yourself.
1- Intention is fundamental when performing a ritual. Write it down on a piece of paper.
2- Choose the incense that best suits your objective. Prepare the place where you will burn it, make sure it looks tidy and beautiful.
3- Light the end of the rope incense and wait a few seconds before blowing out the flame. Place the note with your intention under the burner and place the rope over it.
4- Take a comfortable position and close your eyes. You can sit in a meditation posture or simply in a chair. Concentrate on your goal and visualise how the smoke releases obstacles and your goals come true. You can complete the ritual by playing a Tibetan singing bowl.
5- Stay like this for a few minutes. Then open your eyes and watch the wisps of smoke. Let a feeling of gratitude fill you.
We recommend that you repeat the ritual several days in a row.
Do not inhale the smoke directly. Ventilate after use.

Note: this incense holder and its box are handmade in a workshop in India. They may have imperfections due to the methods used.

Technical characteristics

  • Description: Ø 7,5 x 15 cm, brass and natural acacia wood. Handmade burner delivered in a gift box.
  • Made in: India

Type: incense