Edonishiki Iki Incense

Edo Nishiki Tsuya has a sweet and silky aroma. Its rich and intense powdered aroma has complex mattes, with a lot of body and a bittersweet spot. It is inspired by the “Bintsuke abura”, it is played with the aroma of vanilla and nails from the juice luchadores.

At the end of the Tokugawa era, art and culture flourished in Edo (Tokio). It was a time of prosperity and one of the aspects in which he expressed himself in the prints on canvases, Edo komon. In this society of samurai, clothing was very simple, but people wanted to look unique, different and sought to express themselves through prints, colors and drawings on the canvas.

These decorative motifs extend to the kabuki theatre, to grabado en wood nishiki and to many aspects of everyday life. They evoke images of a singular world of dazzling beauty and, yet today, the designs that were created then in modern appearances and following a source of passion and inspiration. We hope you enjoy this precious and exquisite incense.

The packaging is inspired by Edo prints and reflects a genuinely Japanese aesthetic sensitivity. In this case, the traditional design of Asanoha, a patron of today, is connected to the idea of ​​health and the growth of children, which, like the leaves, grow stronger and faster. People use this type of landlord in clothing and other articles with the hope of attracting good fortune.

Type: incense