French Linen Furoshiki Cloth - Shapes and Lines

This stylish Furoshiki Cloth was created in Japan  This pattern is a modern twist on shapes and lines. Linen furoshiki enjoy an enduring popularity easily transforming into a bag or reusable gift wrapping by tying up its corners. This size is also suitable for using as a scarf and a tablecloth.

These traditional cloths are used for everything from picnics, to food shopping, wearing as an apron or gift wrapping.

Furoshiki refers to both the Japanese cloth and the art and/or technique of wrapping goods and gifts in it. Dating from circa 700BC, the technique was primarily used to wrap important goods and treasures found in Japanese temples, later being used to wrap clothing.

Over the centuries the art of Furoshiki developed to reflect Japanese culture’s reverence for nature, the environment, and its resources. Creating a beautiful, reusable, and almost infinite system for wrapping and carrying, all from one square of cloth. The magic with Furoshiki is that it can be tied to make useful bags for groceries or in multiple inventive ways to gift wrap picnics, bottles, yoga mats, boxes; the art of Furoshiki is almost endless. Its practicality is made even more attractive by the tradition of exquisite pattern design.

We stock a range of both classic and modern Furoshiki pattern design. These beautiful clothes make an exquisite gift in themselves but used to wrap a bottle of wine, plant pot or box they are a gift within a gift. We stock Furoshiki cloth made from cotton and linen, in a wide range of patterns and sizes.

  • Code : 20912-304
  • Dimensions : 100 x 100cm (39.37 ″ x 39.37″). 
  • Weight : 123 g.
  • Material : 100% Linen.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Bag, Scarf etc..

Nobuyuki Takai (高井信行)

Nobuyuki Takai is a disciple of Takeshi Yamauchi (山内武志) who used to be a disciple of Keisuke Serizawa (芹沢銈介) who was a dyer designated as a living national treasure.
He is very good at pattern dyeing and Tsutsu Gaki (one of the techniques of dye) and won the exhibition named Kokuten (国展) several times.
The traits of his design are the lively lines and shapes.

The lively and uneven lines carved by hand give this un unique sense. There are nothing same shapes or lines of the patterns because this is hand-carved.
It is designed that knots have different expressions by surrounding furoshiki with stripes.


Linen prevents germs and molds from breeding because it has four times hygroscopic nature that cotton does as well as that it’s fast-dry.
It results in preventing bad odors. It is said that linen is the most durable of all the natural fibers.
The used linen is from France -French linen- and this has the lovely feature which gives you a crisp feeling of linen. The fabric is thin and easy to use as a scarf.
※The laundry symbol says “dry clean” as linen is likely to shrink when washed.