Hana No Hana Incense - Violet


Hana no Hana was created in 1911 by Yujiro Kito, the modern genius in incense creation, who fused the traditional technique of incense production with the western culture of perfume.

After 300 years of isolation, Japan reopened to trade and floral essences and perfumes began to reach the West. Yujiro Kito is fascinated and creó Hana no Hana, the first Japanese floral incense.

Since then, over 100 years ago, the Japanese have continued to love Hana no Hana.

Enjoy the deep and luxurious aroma of Hana at Hana.

Enchanting Violet: Terciopelado aroma with a woody-floral note

Innocent and delicate violet flower of rich and sweet fragrance.

Like a bunch of lovely violets, this incense is warm and smooth. High quality Hindu sandalwood base with soft musk fragrance.


MEDIUM NOTE: Floral powder

BASE: Almizcle & Sandalwood

Once all the incense is used, the box will continue to retain the aroma and you can use it to store something special.

Type: incense