Guan Yin - Hand Carved Stone Seated Buddha No 10

This seated Buddha was hand-carved from a dark brown stone in China.

It depicts the female Chinese buddha , Guan Yin. She is known as the Bodhisattva or Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Kindness and is considered to be a mother-goddess.

Seated on a lotus flower she is depicted with a halo like energy around her crown. She is seen holding a vase in her right hand and a willow branch in her left. The vase is one of the eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune and contains the nectar of life. The willow branch, a symbol of flexible yet unbreakable strength, is used to sprinkle the nectar on her followers. This statue is a signal of female strength, protection and blessings.

This serene stone piece will draw positive and peaceful energy into a home or garden. Its stone makeup and simplistic lines, create a grounded and steady flow of energy wherever you choose to place it. 

This buddha's neat dimensions mean it is the ideal size for a contemplative space at home, a garden retreat, or commercial wellbeing space.

Dimensions: 25cm (w) x 18cm (d) x 71cm (h)

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Type: Buddha