Indigo Shawl - Mali hand-woven and hand-dyed cotton

This scarf is made of traditional cotton strips from Mali; a wonderfully soft material that has been painstakingly harvested, spun and woven by hand.  It's different shades of blue have been hand-dyed with organic indigo, 100% derived from plants and It has been stitched together and fringed by hand to pay respect to the great care put into the making of this cloth in west Africa.

This garment is free of non toxic chemicals making it skin and environment friendly and it has been designed and made in the UK by indigo specialist designer Luisa Uribe.

Product details: 

  • dimensions: 185 x 50 cm
  • material: hand-spun, hand-woven traditional Mali cotton
  • Organic indigo dyed
  • Hand sewn, fringed

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Type: scarf