Japanese Calligraphy Brush pen - assorted patterns

Take advantage of 300 years of experience in making Japanese traditional calligraphy brush pens. Enjoy a great feel of writing with this handmade brush pen. It allows to write nicely as the appearance of the line is full and stable until the end of use.
Instruction for usage:

If the ink is too light or it looks like you have run out of ink, hold the tip of the pen facing down for 2 minutes and try it again.
When not in use, ensure that the cap is securely fastened over the tip of the pen. If the tip dries-out, wash it with water and store the pen with its cap attached and its tip downward-facing for 2-3 days before use.
Do not shake the pen as it can cause ink to leak.

Made in: Japan
Technical specifications: Ink-filled calligraphy brush-tip pen

Type: Calligraphy