Vintage Red Sideboard from Shandong with Peonies, Butterflies and Birds

This piece is part of our new shipment, due to be with us in the first week of November, so is not currently on display. If you feel this item is what you are looking for you can exclusively reserve it with a payment of a 25% returnable deposit. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving this piece.

This vintage sideboard originates in the Shandong Province in Northern China in the 1920s. It has recently been reconditioned in an artisan workshop in Beijing where the main storage compartment was fitted with a removable inner shelf, giving you options of how to use this space.The door and drawer fronts feature images from nature, specifically peonies, butterflies and flying birds. The precise meaning of these natural symbols can vary, but generally peonies represent luck, prosperity, and fortune as well as female beauty. the butterflies immortality, and conjugal bliss and birds often served as family emblems, associated with allegorical folk tales. We think the simple silhouette with the ornate colourful paintwork could add a lovely bohemian touch to a modern home.

Dimensions: 156(w) x 45(d) x 92(h) cm

Materials: pine with brass fittings

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Type: Furniture