Mainichiko Viva Incense Roll

Incense based on purifying sandalwood with a fresh pine note that transmits cleanliness and energy. We all have that special place where we are at home. When thinking about it, we feel relaxed, satisfied with our ideas and more generous with the others. This incense can take us home.

Mainichiko was created in 1912 as a combination of the tradition inherited from Koju (1573-1593) and the marvelous creativity of Yujiro Kito, who was a genius in the creation of incense. Yujiro Kito created Mainichiko to “nourish the hearts of those who live hard day after day. So that people use it every day. Mainichiko means eso: incense for each day. Since 1912, for more than 100 years, this incense continues to be the most popular and most sold in Japan. We hope you will continue using it for a long time.


Type: incense