"Original Fuji" in Meguro

Rouge is pleased to begin offering a series of antique and vintage Japanese prints. The pieces range in value from authentic 19th and very early 20th Century wood block prints.

This original print features the delightful view of Mount Fuji from across farm fields. In the near distance three tiny figures can be seen wearing traditional clothes. This piece was created by a number of artisans using a series of hand-carved wooden blocks, carefully printed in layers.

These original prints are made on washi paper created from the mulberry bush and block printed using refined inks. These romantic scenes of nature and wildlife have been professionally mounted and come with a certificate of authenticity from the Japanese Gallery, Angel.

Artist - Utagawa Hiroshige ( 1797- 1858 )

Series - Ehon Edo Miyage 9Picture Book of the Souvenirs of Edo)

c. 1860

A3 / 20x15cm

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Type: Print