Painting with Indigo Onto Fabric: 30th June 6-9pm

In this creative nighttime event, you will learn how to paint with natural indigo onto fabric using home-made soy milk. You will make unique pieces of art either by painting freehand or using stencils to create patterns on cloth. This traditional method of decorating fabric is 100% organic and kind to the skin and the environment. Come and join this fun and creative night out where you’ll learn a new skill in the new hub for oriental arts and crafts in Stoke Newington.

Thursday 30th June 2022

18:00 - 21:00

Rouge Shop, 158 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7JL

All materials included

On the night of the workshop you will be guided by Luisa Uribe, London based designer who spent a few years living in Japan. It was there where she discovered a true love for indigo dyeing, began her study of traditional Japanese textile techniques and the place where her textile art has been exhibited.

Her passion for indigo has also taken Luisa to spend some time in India, where she learnt about local indigo, mud resist and hand block printing techniques. Over the years, she has also learnt from other masters from West Africa, America and Europe and her ongoing research haven’t reached an end.

Luisa has been growing Persicaria Tinctoria (Japanese indigo) since 2019, from which she extracts indigo pigment to dye, paint and make other artist’s materials like watercolours and inks. Luisa also co-founded the Indigo Garden London, a place dedicated to growing indigo bearing plants and promoting slow and sustainable textile dyeing. 

Find more about Luisa here:

Instagram @indigobluefields , @indigo_garden_london

Facebook: @indigobluefields