Relax bath & Body oil

Rouge is delighted to stock this sumptuous Relax Bath & Body oil from ethical skincare producer, Harvest. 

This beautiful, nourishing Relax Bath & Body oil is the perfect complement for bathtime.

Containing cleansing essential oils of Black Pepper: Warming, improves circulation, Lavender: Cleansing, relaxing, grounding. and Patchouli: healing, soothes inflammation. 

Harvest is an independent organic skincare brand founded in 2009. Growing from their original location in Birmingham to now stocking over 100 locations. This ethical UK-based company has the ethos of ‘less is more’ and only uses 100% pure ingredients. In making this special line of products Harvest believes ‘there’s no need to pack products full of synthetic ingredients when a few, carefully chosen, natural ones are far more effective.' Part of their process is to lovingly craft every product by hand knowing exactly what goes into every item.

No parabens, mineral oil compounds, sulphates (SLS), glycols or phthalates. 

Directions for bath: Add to your running bath water, take a long relaxing bath. Pat dry with a towel and let the oils work the magic of invigorating and clearing your mind.

Directions for body: After a bath or shower, massage into the skin using upwards movements towards the heart.

Enjoy the Aromatherapy benefits of our deeply relaxing bath and body oil, with nurturing essential oils of Patchouli, Lavender, and Black Pepper.

Directions for a bath: Add to your running bath water, take a long relaxing bath.Pat dry with a towel, make herbal tea and go to bed for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Type: Skin Oil