Calligraphy Set

This traditional Chinese Calligraphy is made in China and contains all of the essential elements required to learn this ancient art.

A set of 6 high-grade brushes in varying thicknesses, ink blocks and mix pad, cleaning well, red stamp paste, and stone stamp. The special ink paste used for the imprinting of seals is called yinni in Chinese, which means literally "seal clay" or "Seal Mud". This high-quality paste called the "paste of eight treasures", usually red - is made of eight ingredients, some very precious: cinnabar, pearl, musk, coral, ruby, moxa, castor oil and a red pigment. It produces brilliantly red prints.

This set contains:

6 Pieces brushes

1 Piece Ink strip

1 Piece Inkstone

1 Piece Frozen stone seal

1 Piece Pen wash

1 Piece Red mud seal

1 Piece Brush stand

1 Piece Ink mixing pad




Type: Calligraphy