‘SEZHI BU SCARF’ vintage hand loomed with indigo dyed yarns.

Vintage Hand Loomed Yarn Dye Cotton scarf.  152cm Long x 35cm Wide

This beautiful and unique indigo textiles are over 30 years old.

Vintage hand loomed cotton scarf with selvedge edges and knotted ends.  Natural indigo dyed yarns.  Intricate woven checkered patterns.  Each scarf is unique made from rolls of recently discovered unused fabrics.  The width of the fabrics were very narrow, thus the scarves use the original widths with selvedge edges. These textiles are no longer woven and the skills lost, making these fabrics rare.  They were typically made in the Chinese countryside for centuries until the recent modernisation of China saw the end of this cottage industry.

Hand wash cold water with a gentle fabric soap. Line dry.

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Type: scarf