ShiYue Character Hook boy Monkey

These playful yet striking little sculptures are created to be wall mounted and act as handy hooks for small everyday objects such as keys, lanyards, scarves etc. 

This doll sculpture has been created with touches of gold overlay and has a cute monkey face hook.

This series draws inspiration from the delicate features of traditional Chinese dolls. Each piece is created using a specialist overglaze enamelling process. A skilled, porcelain technique used when coloured decoration is applied on top of the already fired and glazed surface, and then fixed in a second firing at a relatively low temperature. 

Created by Chinese artist, Shi Yue who grew up in the famous ceramics capital of China, Jingdezhen. After graduating from the ceramics University in Jingdezhen in 2013 Shi Yue went on to further study in the United States. During this time he opened the Yue Ceramics Studio with the concept of further exploring the famous local pottery soils. His work is playful yet reverent to the beauty of Chinese culture and seeks to bring joy and happiness. 

Dimensions: 15 (h) x 9 (w) x 6 (d)

Weight: 200g

We travel to the Jingdezhen region of China, renowned as the ceramics capital of China to meet artists and hand select the best products. 

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Type: Hook