Shouten Koh Extra Long - White sandalwood

This Shouten Koh white sandalwood incense is a premium quality incense made by Nippon Kodo.

Using a variety of aromatic medicinal herbs including sandalwood, this fragrance has a deep feeling and it induces a quiet atmosphere. Any occasion is good to use it. It also helps internal development.

The incense sticks are crafted without a bamboo core for a pure burning experience, and comes in a 20 stick pack of extra long sticks which increases the burning time.

This box is ideal if you burn incense regularly. Its lovely design also makes it an original fragrant gift.

Made in: Japan
Number of sticks: 20
Length: ≈ 4 h.
Fragrance: White sandalwood
Incense length: Approx 37.5 cm
Box dimensions: 38.5 cm(h) x 3 cm(w) x 2cm(d)

Type: incense