Takasago Hana Incense Roll

The wind in the pines

The pine of Takasago became very popular from a famous Noh play from the fourteenth century. It is a totally optimistic work that celebrates joy and happiness. Like this incense.

The pines of the sanctuaries of Takasago and Sumiyoshi celebrate the harmony of man and woman because, according to legend, all eternity will be united: "even if we live separated by rivers and mountains a thousand kilometers away from each other, we do not feel separate. Our hearts are united ».

Takasago is also an allusion to the journey of life: «Today is the day. We got the idea and finally we set sail. Although we were worried that the trip was long, the soft wind has taken our boat, the route has been easy. The wind whistles through the pine of Takasago and the sun has set. In the distance you hear the bell ».

The play ends with a blessing: "I drive out demons, I embrace luck and happiness. Let's celebrate a thousand years of prosperity and ten thousand years of long life. May the wind whistle happily through the pines for ten thousand years.

Made in: Japan
Number of sticks: 40
Fragrance: Sandalwood and floral fragrance
Japanese incense roll with no bamboo core.

Type: incense