Takasago Hana Insence Roll

El Pino de Takasago became very popular based on a famous play Noh del siglo XIV. It is a totally optimistic work that celebrates joy and happiness. Like this incense.

The pins of the sanctuaries of Takasago and Sumiyoshi celebrate the harmony of the man and the woman, according to the legend, will be united all eternity: «although we live a thousand kilometers from one another, separated by rivers and mountains, we don't feel that let us live separated, our hearts are united.

Takasago is also an allusion to the journey of life: Today is the day. We hicimos a la idea and finally we have sailed. Although we were worried that the journey was wide, the gentle wind had taken our boat, the route had been easy. The viento suena in the pin of Takasago, the sun is gone. 

And the work ends with a blessing: I cast out demons, I embrace suerte and happiness. Let us celebrate a thousand years of prosperity and ten thousand years of long life. May el viento suene joyous among the pins for ten thousand years.


Type: incense