6 Slim Tapered Candles - Pink Blossom

These beautiful, handmade tapered candles in Pink Blossom have been carefully crafted from a blend of madder and white beeswax. Made by artisanal candle maker, Wax Atelier.

This specialist maker has combined age-old traditional candle-making techniques such as the ‘wax dipping’ method with contemporary, eco-friendly, high-quality beeswax to produce very special products.

This pack of 6, slim Tapered Candles are a beautiful addition to any dining or living room scene. Simply place in a pot with some grains for instant mood enhancement. 

Approx. Dimensions: 10mm x 20cm

Burn time: approx 1.5 hrs

Materials: madder dye, 100% pure beeswax, organic cotton wick


  • Do not burn in direct sunlight or near any source of heat

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended

  • Burn out of reach of children and pets

  • Trim the wick between burns to 10mm

  • Remove any debris that may collect in the wax pool around the wick once it is safe to do so

  • Do not allow the candle to burn all the way down, and extinguish before it burns into the holder




Handmade in England. 


Founded in London 2017, Wax Atelier re-visits traditional techniques ranging from candle dipping, paper making, to crafted textiles using natural wax. They believe making becomes a tool to experience the interconnection between the natural world and material culture.