Tibetan Brass Singing Bowl Large

Singing bowls of many shapes. sizes and designs have been made and used throughout Asia as early as the Bronze Age, especially in Tibet, Nepal, China and Japan. In Tibetan Buddhist practice gongs are used as a signal to begin and end periods of silent meditation. They are increasingly popular here to aid meditation and are also used in healing practices.

This brass bowl was hand beaten in Tibet and demonstrates the sonic, visual and tactile beauty of the traditional handmade bowls.

It can be sounded in two ways – struck like a gong with a mallet or padded striker to produce a single sound that gently falls away, or the rim can be activated with a smooth circular contact with a plain ringing stick to create a continuous resonating ringing. A wooden striker is supplied.

It measures 11.5cm in diameter and 5.0cm high and weighs approximately 0.35Kg.

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Type: singing bowl