Vintage Blue Latticework Chinese Cabinet from Jiangsu

This rustic kitchen cabinet comes from Jiangsu near Shanghai in China and dates from circa 1920. The main compartments and some side sections are constructed from fine pine latticework, opening onto storage compartments has a removable shelf. The piece has a number of handy drawers and sections.

The cabinet was originally used in the kitchen to store dishes and well-aired food supplies. Now it is perfect for a range of rooms, including linen closet in the bathroom, freestanding kitchen storage or an office tidy, generally great for organisation. Its beautifully distressed light blue green finish and highly ornamental lattice work make this cabinet a stand out piece in any room. 

Material: pine with brass fittings

Dimensions: 107(w) x 54(d) x 211(h) cm

Materials: pine with brass fittings

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Type: Furniture