Vintage Indigo Katazome Reversible Cushion - 80 x 80

Reversible antique indigo dyed cotton with knot buttons with raw linen back. An original cushion design allows the cushion to be turned inside out so both sides of this beautiful fabric can be used.

This statement piece cushion is double-sided and reversible. These rare antique examples of Lan Yin Hua Bu can still be found in countryside villages and date back 70 to 100 years. The cotton was handwoven.

These were traditionally bed covers, often given as wedding presents. The symbols and designs were to wish long life, prosperity, happy life together & good luck. Phoenix represents the man & the Peony the woman.

The patterns and vintage indigo dying effect is also very beautiful at the back so that is why we made the cushion double-sided. The Chinese style knot buttons are duplicated so the cushion can be used inside out.  The reverse of the patter has a blue linen border so.  The craftsmanship and detail that went into making this cushion here in the UK are exceptional. 

Product details: 

  • dimensions: 80 x 80 cm
  • hand wash on cold gentle cycle or dry clean
  • reversible cushion cover: front 100% vintage indigo-dyed cotton, back 100% natural linen
  • cushion pad: down feather

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Type: cushion