Vintage Painted Four-Door Cabinet from Tibet

This vintage Tibetan Cabinet is around 120 years old. At the top of the cabinet two doors give access to a shallow storage space that extends across the width. The two lower doors open onto the main storage compartment, which again extends across the width of the piece and down to bottom of the front frame. It was made from pine and is decorated with paintings of symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. This type of furniture was made for monasteries and the decoration served the purpose of teaching and to aid with meditation. The front and sides of this piece are richly decorated with multi-coloured floral motifs. Both, the flowers and the colours carry symbolical meaning. The colours blue, white, red, green and yellow stand for purity and healing, learning and knowledge, life force and preservation, balance and harmony, and rootedness and renunciation, respectively. We feel that this beautiful piece exudes a sense of calm and grounding that may generate a very special atmosphere in a contemporary home.

Dimensions: 84(w) x 38(d) x 93(h) cm

Material: pine

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Type: Furniture