White Textured Vase

This contemporary, porcelain white, textured vase was designed and handmade by artisanal ceramicist, Luo Xiao, working from his studio in the renowned ceramics capital of China, Jingdezhen. Luo Xian began a ceramic apprenticeship at age 15 and quickly moved on to launch his own brand. 

These remarkable pieces are born out of a love of form and an ongoing investigation into the tension between geometric and natural styles. The specialist firing process enabled the artisan potter to create a unique finish that almost mimics sand. The pot's exterior has a fine, textured surface allowing it to capture light. 

A bold and unique statement, the vase is ideal as a centerpiece, for a flower arrangement, or dried winter display. 

Measures approximately 18cm in diameter and 22cm high.

Weighs 2.9kg

The above products are all handmade. Therefore, there may be a certain range of differences in shape, size, and glaze color, this does not affect the overall quality

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Type: vase