About Rouge

Rouge Shop was established by Yang Lei on Stoke Newington High Street, London in 2005. 

Lei stands in front of a display shelf in her Chinese Furniture Shop, Rouge, in London


As a design student, Lei centred her studies around the concept of home. Having roots in China, she aimed to blend rich Chinese interior tradition with her modern London residence. She posed the question, "How can traditional products be used in a modern, fast-paced context like London?"

This question led Lei to seek out beautiful, centuries-old wooden furniture, such as Chinese Wedding Cabinets, during her visits to China.

She was driven to challenge the stereotype of mass production associated with the "made in China" label. Lei's approach brought traditional Chinese furniture to light, using skilled craftsmen to refurbish them both structurally and aesthetically, while preserving their original Oriental charm.

Inspiration from the past for the modern home

As Londoners took delight in their stunning Chinese sideboards, chests, and cabinets, beautifully painted in vibrant colours and featuring hand-carved patterns and delicate florals, Lei set out to find complimentary home goods for Rouge.

This journey took her to Jingdezhen, the ceramic capital of China, where she engaged the most skilled ceramicists to create unique batches of mugs, dishes, and bowls to compliment Rouge’s offering of antique Chinese furniture.

Over the years, Lei has maintained her tradition of visiting China to foster relationships with artisanal furniture and ceramic makers, bringing a piece of her home to London.

But the 2020 pandemic led to a business reorientation and a major 2-year shop remodel. 

The 2018-2022 retail economy shifts greatly affected Rouge. Thankfully, we received a Hackney Council grant in 2021, enabling us to pilot new workshops

In addition to selling our handmade furniture and ceramics, we’ve now hosted more than 40 workshops with over 500 attendees, rented our space 15 times to 400 people, and held many community events for local residents.

Lei's vision is to offer a unique experience on the high street, beyond just consumption of food, drinks, and shopping. 

Rouge fosters doing, making, and creating with others, in community. In doing this we are using creativity and community to heal. If you’re in the area, please stop in and meet the Rouge team! We hope to see you soon.