Rouge Hub Project


Rouge Hub is a space to learn, explore, and connect with others. In collaboration with other teachers and facilitators, we deliver a range of intriguing workshops where people can gather and explore various styles of wellness practice, cookery, and creativity.  

Over the last few years, I felt increasingly motivated to evolve my business, particularly around community wellness, craft and cookery. As we redesigned and renovated the interior of our shop back in 2021, I began exploring how we could become more interactive and connected with the community. Our combined Asian heritage (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and love of related cookery, making and creativity is what inspire us to run the Rouge Hub.

Rouge shop is well known locally for its calm, tranquil and welcoming atmosphere and the Hub is an extension of this ethos.

Visit our workshop page to see a full range of exciting events. These include, cookery with Lei Yang and Miae Lee, Chinese calligraphy with May Chan, Japanese crafts with Kumiko Oya and indigo dyeing with Luisa Uribe.