Monohon Ramen Pop Up at ROUGE

Posted on January 26, 2016 by Kaja Kippenberg

As part of our tenth anniversary celebrations last November we hosted a Monohon Ramen Pop Up at ROUGE. Monohon Ramen founder Ian Wheatley offered a special dish, Abura Soba, 'a soupless ramen, made up of thick chewy noodles served with a sesame oil based sauce and toppings include char siu (slow braised pork), menma (seasoned bamboo shoots), beansprouts, a slow poached egg (onsen tamago) and many more ingredients, giving you every inch of noodles coated with creamy egg yolk, sauce and other yummy goodness.' ( The evening was a big, soldout success and we will repeat the happy experience this Sunday 31st January and on Sunday 6th February. There are still a few tickets available for the 6th February, but they go really fast. You can buy the tickets at edible experiences. Below some images from the first Monohon Ramen Pop Up:

Monohon Ramen Pop Up at ROUGE
Ian talks about the Abura Soba dish ...
Conversations at Monohon Ramen Pop Up at ROUGE
... which inspires lively conversations, while the soba is freshly prepared downstairs ...
Conversations at Monohon Ramen Pop Up at ROUGE
Abura Soba ingredients
... and the ingredients are set out on the tables.
Diners enjoying the Abura Soba dish
The soba is served and the guests add the other ingredients to their taste ...
Diner adding ingredients to the soba noodles
Diner photographing the Abura Soba dish
... picture-ready Abura Soba...
Abura Soba before stirring
... before stirring ... 
A Bowl of Abura Soba
... sooo delicious! 
ROUGE owner Lei Yang helps at Monohon Ramen Pop Up
Ian Wheatly, founder of Monohon Ramen
Thank you, Ian and the Monohon Ramen team, for a lovely evening - we're looking forward to seeing you again very soon!


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