Everyday Mindfulness

January 26, 2021

Everyday Mindfulness

What does it mean to be mindful? It can mean enlisting on a course or committing to set times of daily practice. What if being mindful is simply a way to greet your essential self! With practice this becomes much like meeting an old friend, taking a few moments to stop, reconnect and check how you are really doing.

A realistic snapshot of our lives now is that we are in a rapidly changing world with few certainties. Our remote digital lives involve a constant response to multiple devices, apps and platforms. Our attention is scattered and at the same time the rhythm of our weeks and days has collapsed. We are in uncharted territory and many people have switched into a type of survival mode, pedalling fast to keep up.

 At a time when we have limited connection to social activities, friends and society it is crucial to cultivate a kind and genuine connection to our inner world. Mindfulness is simply making time to sit quietly with yourself, exploring your inner landscape.

While mindfulness isn’t a complicated practice, it does take commitment, however small. Developing a new behaviour where you periodically take time in quiet is a form of radical self-care and a way to access happiness. Once you establish this basic practice, you can create small rituals around your mindfulness that bring more Joy.  This could be time in your garden/park with a warm drink, noticing nature.  Lighting a favourite incense or candle in the evening while watching the evening light fade. At home create a space to sit comfortably using your favourite blankets and cushions, get creative and playful with folding and stacking to make a comfortable seat.

Mindfulness is a discipline that helps us notice the thinking mind, then slowly detach ourselves from the unending narrative. With some practice, we are able to separate from the mental chatter, briefly, reconnecting with our true nature. It is from this place that we can be authentically inspired, creative and happy.