Spring Refresh

March 18, 2021

Spring Refresh

Spring has finally arrived, while nature has already begun to awake springtime officially starts on 20th March. This is also the day of the vernal equinox where the sun transits exactly over the earth’s equator, making the hours of daylight and darkness equal almost everywhere on Earth, ushering in balance.


With only a few weeks to go before we reopen our doors we are busy preparing our shop with beautiful new stock to welcome everyone back.

The equinox is also the pagan festival, Ostara, named after the ancient Germanic Goddess of Spring, a celebration of re-birth, fertility, and harmony. With this energy of rebirth and the lifting of restrictions it's definitely time to switch out anything stale or dormant in our lives. The days surrounding this seasonal shift are ideal for renewing your home and health. Why not start with an old-fashioned spring clean, making sure to declutter and recycle anything unused or broken from your home. Play with rearranging furniture, redecorate and refresh your space with new vibrant colours, materials and plants. Get inspired to revamp one room, by creating a mood board that reflects furniture and objects that inspire you.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine springtime is also associated with the wood element and the liver/gallbladder. March and April are important months for cleansing and renewing not only the corresponding organs but our whole body and home. Over winter and in particular this lockdown winter we may have retreated fully into hibernation mode. Shifting from hibernation to springlike proactiveness will involve intention and effort. Spring/wood element qualities are bold actions, competition, and a self-starting pioneer spirit. It’s also a time to channel our energy into constructive activities that benefit other people.

Simple, practical steps to support the liver, gallbladder and the shift fully into Spring.

  • Start your day with fresh lemon juice in warm water. This supports liver function by strengthening liver enzymes, regulating blood carbohydrate levels and serving as the basis for new enzyme creation.
  • Practice Qi Gong for the wood element ( liver and gallbladder) these simple movements release stagnation and allow your body to thrive. We follow Mimi Kumo Deemer - https://www.mkdeemer.com/
  • Engage with the spring energy by spending as much time as possible outdoors in nature or working with the earth. An ideal practice is gardening or renewing your houseplants, anything that allows you to touch earth.

How ever you choose to change seasons this spring, we can all look forward to longer days spent with more friends and family.