Kundalini Yoga and Gong Sound Bath 3rd July

We hope you are enjoying the summer warmth and renewed access to people and places. We are delighted to have our Stoke Newington shop open again, and we are really enjoying the day-to-day connections with friends and customers. The local community has been so supportive and uplifting over the last year, and we’re so happy to welcome you back!

We were delighted to host our first wellness event last week. A chance to relax, reconnect and reset with an evening of Kundalini Yoga and sound healing. It was a really wonderful evening held in our new beautiful studio space at the rear of our Stoke Newington shop. 

Following on from the joy, and success of our two sold-out events we will be hosting another evening of yoga and sound on 3rd July 7pm to 9pm. This is a chance to reconnect, and relax with an evening of movement, breath, and gong followed by a specialist tea from Avantcha.  

We recognise that the earth’s energies are continuing to shift and change rapidly. To survive and thrive, it is now our individual responsibility to master our body, mind, and emotions. This process of self-mastery will require commitment and a change to our lifestyle and communities. Supporting this shift we are using the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Gong. Together these practices rebuild our nervous system, rebalance or glandular system, clear out and supercharge our magnetic field. This will replenish our central channel of energy and balance the corresponding chakras. These are dynamic and transformative practices that harness the powerful and life changing energies of our time.  

Limited Space available. Ticket £25 each. Booking is available through the shop, either by email to lei@rouge-shop.co.uk, by call 02072750087 or in person.

We will of course be following safety guidelines, with limited spaces to ensure your comfort, enjoyment and safety. These are the first of an exciting series of wellness events running over the coming months. In response to such a challenging year, we have chosen to create time and space for the local community at our Stoke Newington shop.